our curriculum

The Strong Fathers curriculum incorporates information and activities from similar programs as well as from evidence-based therapeutic models. The sessions build on each other and provide recurring opportunities for fathers to practice and discuss new skills. Topics explored include the following:

  • Fathers' childhood experiences
  • General parenting styles
  • Child development
  • Domestic violence and its impact on child development
  • Non-coercive parenting skills, including specific praise, active ignoring, and giving good directions
  • Seeking support
  • Successful co-parenting
  • Being a good role model
  • Talking to children about violence
  • Stress management (cognitive coping, mindfulness, & relaxation)

program format

Strong Fathers is a 20-week strengths-based intervention for fathers who have engaged in domestic violence or are at-risk of doing so. Weekly meetings last 2.5 hours and include dinner, a check-in, and exploration of the week's topic. Up to 12 fathers participate in each group and form strong and lasting relationships with other participants.